Technical Support

Enterprise customers are arguably more demanding, and expect preferential treatment to remain loyal. They buy complex services involving multiple product lines, but your internal systems treat them on par with retail customers, thus delivering broken and disjoint experiences. High disputes, delayed revenue realization, and increasing customer support costs are the impacts, eventually leading to churn.

Streamline operations, create a 360 view, and enhance enterprise customer experience

Integrating systems for establishing single identity of every enterprise customer and empowering them with end-to-end self-service capabilities is important for ensuring loyalty. Progress solutions provides a technology platform to design an agile business process that will meet the expectations of the customer.

  • Modernize existing legacy environment with built-in adapters
  • Create 360-degree view of customer data for internal stakeholders
  • Make it easy for enterprise customers to view and comprehend expense
  • Bring in transparency by enabling customers to create organization hierarchies, allocate budgets, and analyze spending
  • Reduced day sales outstanding with enhanced purchase Order Management
  • Send alerts and notifications to internal and external stakeholders on SLAs and payments
  • Unify experience by making self-service portal a single customer touch-point for order, inventory, and service management