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Our digital marketing services for B2B companies help you create, nurture, and convert leads for the best returns on your investment.

Keeping IT companies ahead of their competition

Challenges: New software and services being launched all the time, Information Technology & IT-Enabled Services enterprises like yours are likely to have stringent requirements of creating and spreading awareness about new products, almost as fast as they are introduced. This requires you to have an agile and proactive approach to marketing.

Why Us

Progress Solutions is ideally positioned to help IT and ITES companies like yours with its certified digital marketing team, including SEO specialists, data analysts, marketing strategists, social media experts, and content developers.

Rapid change is a given in the IT and ITES sectors. As they adapt to the constant changes, IT/ITES companies need to leave behind traditional methods of promoting themselves and their products, and rethink their marketing strategies in order to attract new customers and delight existing ones with their innovative products/services.

If you are in the IT/ITES business areas, we can help you recognize your niche, polish your communications, and create a spanking new marketing strategy built on deep dive analytics, guaranteed to bring you tangible results in the form of increased web presence and better ROI.

We can help you create and distribute meaningful content in order to demonstrate competent thought leadership and project a future-ready outlook for your company. We will handhold your sales & marketing teams as we build and highlight your presence in a crowded and competitive market, helping you draw leads and convert them to loyal customers and brand ambassadors ultimately.

Get in touch with our inbound marketing experts today to see how we can craft successful marketing campaigns for your company and boost your profits.

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Boosting SaaS subscriptions with intuitive marketing and analytics

With smart digital marketing strategies, SaaS providers can launch new products profitably.

Challenges: Studies show that SaaS is growing almost three times as fast as software itself. If you’re in the SaaS business, this is great news for you, but it also means that the competition is stiff. In this rapidly growing and highly cutthroat SaaS market, every player faces challenges of gaining visibility, attracting new customers, delighting existing customers, and getting a healthy ROI.

A SaaS company needs exceptional guidance to make it to the top and stay there. To be successful, you need a knowledgeable and experienced partner to help you develop a growth-driven website with a strong focus on customer service, marketing and sales.

Why Us

At Progress Solutions, we have years of experience in delivering fail-safe solutions to companies like yours, in various geographies, by using proven techniques of inbound marketing – SEO, data analytics, marketing automation, content creation and distribution, social media management, and influencer engagement.

We apply sophisticated marketing automation and analysis tools to attract leads, and educate, nurture, and ultimately convert them into loyal customers. We devise compelling strategies for retargeting existing customers for cross-selling and up-selling.

Using data-driven analysis of traffic, conversion and revenue metrics, we create game plans for you that are guaranteed to exhibit thought leadership, and ultimately contribute to the growth of your SaaS business.

We do all this in the most cost-effective manner, so as to give you the best returns on your investment.

Get in touch with our inbound marketing experts today to see how we can craft successful marketing campaigns for your company and boost your profits.

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Injecting the growth formula into healthcare businesses

As more and more people go online for solutions, healthcare organizations can benefit immensely from digital marketing.

Challenges: More and more patients are using online modes for searching for healthcare providers and information about medical treatments than ever before, more so on mobile devices. Research shows that 44% of patients who research hospitals on mobile phones, actually make appointments.

If you run a healthcare or pharmaceutical company, chances are that you are trying to control costs as well as dealing with rapidly changing regulations simultaneously. You need to discover and implement effective measures to increase revenues and build brand image. In other words, you need to get ‘digital’ as soon as you can so as to cater to the changing public interests, habits and demands.

Why Us

Progress Solutions has the industry knowledge and expertise in crafting digital solutions for healthcare, life sciences and research verticals. We have helped healthcare/pharmaceutical/research technology organizations increase traffic on their websites by creating and publishing relevant, useful, and informative content, then converting the visitors to customers by speaking to them in their language.

Today, there is an urgent need for healthcare companies to have responsive websites that can be easily viewed on smaller screens. Progress Solutions has the expertise to create useful, attractive and adaptable websites that perform optimally on all platforms – desktop, mobile, or tablet.

Our content team constantly creates fresh, relevant, and informative content – a must in modern healthcare marketing strategy. Good content results in having the organization found by enquirers and also in converting them to loyal customers.

Additionally, we can increase your search engine ranking and presence on the Web by highly targeted SEO strategy.

Contact us today to see how our expertise with healthcare companies can inject vitality back into your healthcare company. Fill up the form on the right and one of our inbound marketing consultants will get in touch with you.

Building Real Value for Real Estate

Digitally aware buyers in the real estate and housing industry need smart marketing solutions.

Challenges: Real estate marketing techniques need to change with the changing times. While traditional marketing methods may still work for a section of the customer base, in order to be a reckoning force in the market, fresh and modern ideas need to be incorporated in order to attract the urban upper and middle-class segments of home buyers. Members of these segments, most often, use newer ways to shop online, usually beginning their home search with online research. Therefore, digital marketing can be the tool to influence these home buyers.

Why Us

Progress Solutions has a dynamic team comprising of certified digital marketing professionals, including SEO specialists, data analysts, marketing strategists, social media experts, and content developers.

We use the latest technology in the form of marketing automation tools to address your target audience in a 'language' that they're most comfortable with, and assess their response in measurable metrics. We use SEO, SEM (search engine marketing), content creation and distribution, data analysis, ad copywriting, A/B testing and other similarly effective inbound marketing strategies to engage the online audience and measure their response, figuring out the most optimum ways to reach the target audience.

We can also monitor social media activity of the potential customers for accurate audience segmentation, and deliver targeted and timely content to them. Online reputation monitoring is an important part of our client strategy; it helps to build a positive brand image and increase brand awareness.

To know more about how we can increase your brand visibility and generate higher returns on your marketing investment, contact us today by filling out the form. We will be happy to tell you more.

Charting new routes with digital marketing

Logistics providers and manufacturers build brand trust, attract customers and retain them using omni-channel marketing.

Challenges: While most industries are recognizing that digital marketing is the future of marketing in these consumer-dominated times, manufacturing and logistics companies have generally been slower in adopting digital technology than many other enterprises. This might be because of a misguided notion that the customers of these industries do not frequent the digital channels or that digital marketing doesn’t really do much for these industries.

The truth is that inbound (or digital) marketing can be as effective for manufacturing and logistics fields as for others. The trick is to have digital solutions have to be tailored for the specific requirements of these industries.

Why Us

Contrary to common belief, customers of manufacturing and logistics businesses are also going online to find solutions to their problems. If you are part of this field of industry, it is imperative for your business to make the leap to digital marketing.

Progress Solutions has the expertise and know how to develop marketing master-plans for this industry, so that your website generates interest and induces loyalty in your customers, eventually increasing your ROI and brand awareness.

We can help you devise a growth-driven website that focuses on distributing meaningful content (white papers, blog posts, industry influencer articles etc.) related to your industry, your company, your products and their benefits. We provide you with actionable insights on utilizing the power of SEO and social media in targeting the right audience and creating a buzz in your target audience about your brand.

These are just a few of the ideas we have. Contact us to know in detail how we can help you increase your profits.

Propelling you to the forefront of your domain

Professionals can promote their expertise with a sound digital marketing strategy.

Challenges: Research has shown that customers rely as much on search engines for finding professional services as on word-of-mouth recommendations. However, most professional service providers (lawyers, accountants, etc.) do not have the bandwidth to market their skills in the most effective (read digital) ways.

Engaging a competent inbound marketing agency can provide a huge boost to the visibility and trust factor of your professional services company.

Why Us

Progress Solutions has a skilled team of inbound marketers that specialize in creating marketing strategies for professional service providers like you by harnessing the power of inbound marketing to attract and engage their ideal customers.

Insightful analytics (to focus on the right marketing tactic), intuitive content marketing (to exhibit your thought leadership), and rank-driving search engine optimization (to target the best potential customers) are tools that we use to successfully help you promote your services, create trust, and increase your ideal customer base.

With us at the helm of your marketing stratagem, you can take advantage of practical and valuable tips that we provide based on data-driven metrics analysis to make the most prudent marketing decisions, geared towards generating highest ROI.

Contact us today to see how our expertise with professional services companies like yours can boost your business. Fill up the form on the right and one of our inbound marketing consultants will get in touch with you.